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Phone (Take-out)

(619) 231-9597


228 W Washington Ave

San Diego, CA  92103



Monday - Thursday 11am - 2:30pm

Friday     11am - 4pm

Saturday 12pm - 4pm
Sunday   12pm - 4pm


Monday - Thursday 5pm - 9pm

Friday      4pm - 10pm

Saturday  4pm - 10pm

Sunday    4pm - 9pm


We offer 2 options to place your take-out order.

#1 Call us at 619 231-9597

#2 Go to or download the app to place place your order online.

Call - Ahead

We now offer call ahead placement on the wait list, just call (619) 296-1932 or to add yourself,

download "The List"

on Google Play or at the App Store .​

This is not a reservation